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The company currently possesses some qualifications such as organic certification, production license, ISO 9001, and QS certification, as well as the production technology and equipment patents of matrine products, which provide a solid and strong basis for the production and sales of our products.Main Products: gingerol, curcumin, acanthopanax, mushroom polysaccharide, matrine, fruit and vegetable juice powderRead More+
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Professional Organic Herbal Extracts & Plant Extracts Supplier
Undersun Biomedtech Corp was established in 2004, which is a professional herbal extracts & plant extracts supplier manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of active ingredients of plant extracts and natural products. It has nearly 300 employees and a multi-disciplinary, high-level production and marketing team.
Our products, such as curcumin and other plant polysaccharide products, have been popular worldwide, and the market share of organic turmeric powder and tetrahydrocurcumin are among the best. It can be used well as colorants, nutrients, food supplements, beverages and also have widely used in cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry.
All our products are well suited to meet the demand of different industries. The products are approved by domestic and foreign customers and we have established long-term business relationships with different companies. Besides, We have founded our unique warehouses in Los Angeles, USA in order to serve more customers all over the world.
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Main Products: gingerol, curcumin, acanthopanax, mushroom polysaccharide, matrine, fruit and vegetable juice powder.……Read More+
For over 15 years, Undersun continues to perfect our research, develop,main products are Curcumin, gingerol, eleutheroside, astaxanthin,phycocyanin, Coenzyme Q10, Mushroom polysaccharide, Blueberry Powder, Noni Powder, Cordyceps Polysaccharides.
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